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Hi I am Dana Jansen and I live in  Holland, Zaltbommel (gelderland)
I am 48 years and with my friend Theo (47 years) we have the guinea-pig stable Hopeful farm
I started 13 years ago with 3 guinea-pigs and meanwhile
we build up our breed up to 100 guinea-pigs
We are breeding a pure race on quality, colour and with a nice sweet character.
We also visit shows with our cavy's.
All young guinea-pigs are born in our house and grow up in our home
so they are nicely quiet and tame,
because we all want a guinea-pig to cuddle.
We have made this website to keep everyone informed about
the activities in our stable
Also this website will be updated regulary with news about birth, new cavy's 
and news about our stable
Have fun on our website!!!!!!!

If you want to reach us, here is our adress:
Dana Jansen en Theo van Maanen
Kievitstraat 1
5301SM  Zaltbommel


15-12-2015 -Expected Litters (new couples - pregnant)
2-12-2015 -Expected Litters (new couples - pregnant)
4-11-2015 -Expected Litters (new couples)

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